4 Concrete Design Trends

Due to the progressive popularity of Industrial interior design in modern living and commercial fit-outs, we’re seeing concrete – a material once reserved for structural design and outdoor spaces – being utilised in ways never thought imaginable.

Here’s the concrete designs we’re seeing – and loving – at the moment:

Dark and Moody

While lighter concrete to suit a white and bright scandi design is still commonly requested – and very much still trending – we’re seeing an influx of clients heading to the dark side, opting for darker shades to complement inky paint hues, moody interiors and deep-coloured cabinetry.

Although we’ve been told for generations to avoid darker tones in the risk of making a space feel smaller, if done correctly with the right design concepts, lighting and variation in colour and texture, you can offset this “shrinking” effect.

Maximise natural light where possible or get creative with lighting. Strategically placed pendants or subtle accent lighting that accentuates elements of the décor or architecture will keep the area feeling spacious yet intimate at the same time.

Curves in all the right places

Curved interiors are having a moment right now and we’re here for it. From curved walls to curved interiors like mirrors and basins, there’s been a strong shift from straight lines and edges.

The versatility of glass fibre reinforced concrete – which we use in all Concrete Collective products – allows us to apply unique character that was never thought possible, including smooth edges, curvature, and soft angles.

Curved benchtops, sinks with grooves, painstakingly handcrafted curved tiles and pill-shaped baths – the possibilities are endless.

If you have a vision for concrete, work with your builder, designer and chosen artisan to see how it could come to life. You’ll be surprised what can be done!

Raw materials

In both commercial and residential projects, we’re increasingly seeing concrete paired with other raw materials, like natural and burnt timber, brass, copper and other metals.

These contrasting materials are each flawed in their own perfect way – the grain in the timber, the air pockets and pitting variation in the concrete – and complement and bring out the best features of the other. Like a good friend.

Together, the materials patina over time – and with the right care – will age gracefully in their respective environment, resulting in a living finish that adds charm and character.

We’re seeing a real shift from highly polished and finished concrete, to raw and industrial with pitting and variation.

Terrazzo, Terrazzo!

A trend that dates to as early as 9000 BC, and we’re very glad it has made a resurgence.

Terrazzo is essentially an organised mess of broken marble, quartz, granite, and glass in varying colours and sizes, which are assembled and set in concrete, either in-place or precast. Perfectly imperfect, each piece is unique due to variation in the aggregates used.

From Terrazzo tiling to statement sinks, benchtops or reception desks, Terrazzo is versatile, durable and timeless, and a great way to introduce subtle colour and texture to any space. The flecks of colour in Terrazzo can echo and complement colours in its surroundings, for example, the red aggregate pieces in this BBQ Benchtop tie into the red hues from the exposed brick.


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