Create a Contemporary Coworking Office Interior with Concrete

When it comes to designing a coworking space that will attract working professionals, we tend to focus on amenity. How much desk space is there? Does every station have a monitor? Is one coffee machine going to be enough? Is the Wi-Fi strong enough? Do we create a dedicated meeting room or install more hot desks instead?

Of course, all of these factors are crucial to creating a highly functional coworking office – but what about the feel of the place? The overall aesthetic, and the role this plays on workers’ comfort levels?

In order to serve its purpose as a productive workspace where remote-working professionals can comfortably spend up to eight or nine hours a day (sometimes more), a coworking office needs to provide a pleasant environment.

Grey interior design for the office

This is where grey interior design comes in. Along with black and white, grey is a neutral colour that pairs seamlessly with any other hue on the palette. As such, grey colour schemes make for fantastic interior design in commercial settings, because it never goes out of style.

If you’re looking at grey colour schemes for your coworking office, concrete materials are a very practical choice. From concrete wall panels to items like concrete stools, coffee tables, desks and other commercial furniture – grey concrete décor creates a professional and inviting setting for your shared office space.

Aside from the neutral colour scheme that’s easily complemented with bursts of colour (like lush green indoor plants, chrome lighting fixtures and vibrant artwork, for example), there’s also the practicality of incorporating concrete furniture into your coworking office’s interior design.

GFRC (glass fibre-reinforced concrete) is strong, versatile, utilitarian and – perhaps most importantly – low maintenance. By using concrete commercial furniture in just the right way, you can effortlessly create a contemporary look and feel that will attract keen working professionals to your co-workspace in droves.

Concrete Collective specialises in custom concrete fitouts throughout Melbourne

As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of impeccable quality GFRC concrete furniture for commercial purposes, our highly committed team can deliver a bespoke fitout solution for your entire coworking office. We’ll work closely alongside you to create a distinctly unique setting for your commercial space, from handcrafted concrete reception desks to wall panels, splashbacks, benchtops and anything else required.

Feel free to view our portfolio of previous work we’ve done, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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