Update Your Fireplace with the Beauty of Concrete Before Winter Arrives

Fireplaces are a symbol of warmth and homeliness. They add value not just through their function, but also through design – depending on what materials you use, it’s easy to install a beautiful, customised fireplace that is distinctly one of a kind.

For those who love the look of stone fireplaces but want something more modern, there’s no better option than a concrete one. With concrete fireplaces now being more accessible than ever before, property owners have countless options for how to improve their homes with a custom concrete fireplace this winter.

Why invest in a modern concrete fireplace hearth for your home this winter?

Well, for starters, a concrete fireplace allows you to make a bold interior design statement while simultaneously enhancing your property value. When compared to other common fireplace materials like clay, stone and brick; concrete offers several benefits over the others.

1. Strength and durability

Consider how a concrete fireplace (or any concrete furniture, for that matter) is made. When GFRC (glass fibre-reinforced concrete) is poured and moulded into a particular shape, what you end up with is a clean, sturdy, single piece of furniture with no vulnerable sections of joinery or fragile components holding it together. This makes for a very strong concrete fireplace hearth that will easily withstand the heat of a fire, and remain immune to general wear and tear over the years.

2. Practicality and style

Aside from the fact that the nature of the way concrete fireplaces are made ensures they’re incredibly strong, the construction process also makes concrete a very practical choice. It can be manipulated into any shape or design that the manufacturer sees fit, putting countless style options within reach at a cost-effective price point. In short, opting for concrete allows you to perfectly match your taste and existing décor without blowing the budget.

3. Safety

Concrete is highly resistant to natural elements like moisture, for example, giving it an extra advantage over materials like wood (which can succumb to rot over time) or brick (which rot can grow through). Concrete won’t crack from continued exposure to hot flame, and of course the fact that it’s not flammable makes concrete fireplace hearths a very safe option for any household.

4. Low maintenance

And last but certainly not least, modern concrete fireplaces are incredibly low maintenance – especially in comparison to some of the more traditional designs of decades past. The typical concrete fireplace can be cleaned with nothing more than a wet cloth for the lower sections and a duster drenched in warm soapy water to reach the less accessible sections.

For those who like to keep their home interior (or exterior, if you’re considering purchasing an outdoor concrete fireplace) as neat and tidy as possible, concrete is the ideal choice of material for your fireplace renovation this winter.

Concrete Collective specialises in custom concrete fireplaces to modernise your home

Concrete Collective designs, constructs and installs bespoke concrete furniture for Australians who are passionate about quality interior design. Our committed team of concrete carpentry professionals will work closely alongside you to create your ideal custom concrete fireplace hearth. We pride ourselves on impeccable workmanship, cutting edge innovation and client-focused service. To discuss our concrete fireplace solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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