Living with Concrete: Concrete in the Bathroom

Looking for some innovative bathroom design ideas using concrete furniture? You’re not alone! Concrete has become increasingly popular in every room of the house, and the bathroom in particular offers endless opportunities for using concrete to enhance aesthetic, feel and functionality.

While concrete serves a strong utilitarian purpose for its ability to withstand heat, cold, moisture and other factors, it can sometimes be perceived as “cold” or un-intimate in certain zones of the house. However, combining it with wood tends to immediately make the space feel warmer. Nowhere is this truer than in the bathroom.

We’ll cover more of this and some other handy bathroom design ideas with concrete furniture in the points below. Add concrete to the bathroom in style, with these nifty concrete bathroom ideas!

#1 – Concrete basins, vanities and pedestals

The mixture of wood and concrete materials creates a stark contrast that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any bathroom. This wall-hung wooden vanity with concrete basin on top takes up very little space, and yet provides easily accessible storage for your toiletries. Pair it with a simplistic mirror design and you’ll instantly add value to your en-suite or bathroom.

Another innovative way to blend wood and concrete is with a pedestal design, where a slim stand with a refined timber finish is topped off with a bold concrete basin for a dramatic statement.

#2 – Concrete bathtubs and showers

Meek Bathware is known for its innovative concrete bathtubs, from inspired fluted designs reminiscent of the Ancient columns of Greece and Italy, to the timeless designs of the Intra bath and 4two bath, which complement any existing bathroom décor.

Ideally though, concrete bathtubs are suited to bathrooms that already comprise plain and neutral colour tones. Why? Because the smooth, crisp aesthetic of a concrete bathtub works well with creams, beiges and navies to set a tranquil tone for what should arguably be the most relaxing room in the house.

As for concrete showers, why interfere with the simplicity of a serene and uncomplicated concrete shower wall by adding shelving, when you can have recessed shelving carved into the wall? This not only looks fantastic, but it creates additional storage without intruding on the bathroom’s existing space.

#3 – Tapware

Three materials which always seem to interact seamlessly with each other is concrete, wood and brass. When it comes to textures and colours in your bathroom, consider the 60-30-10 rule of interior design. A bathroom that comprises roughly two-thirds smooth grey concrete, one-third sleek brown wood and small bursts of brass is always going to look good.

With this in mind, brass tapware, showerheads, wall hooks and toilet paper holders are an easy and affordable way to put these defining finishing touches on your bathroom.

#4 – Concrete splashbacks

This tip is more functional that fashionable; although concrete splashbacks are ideal for bathrooms with a muted colour palette!

Due to the internal reinforcement and long-lasting durability of glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GFRC), water cannot find its way into GFRC surfaces. The material’s surface also sets in such a way that there are no voids, gaps or bugholes in the finish.

Pair this with the fact that GFRC splashbacks are remarkably lightweight for their strength and highly resistant to cracks and shatters; it’s no wonder why they make for such practical bathroom splashbacks.

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