Flawless Colour Pairing: Decorating Your Room with Black & Grey

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that dark shades make your interior spaces feel smaller, duller and more monotonous. This couldn’t be further from the truth – as long as there’s some strategy behind it! When pulled together in just the right way, the combination of black and grey can provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room in the house.

If you’re dealing with a particularly small space then yes, dark colour tones aren’t recommended. However, light grey concrete furniture can be used alongside darker shades of wall panelling to create a classy look in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or even the bedroom.

How grey and black can be paired together in the home

The beauty of going for a black and grey colour scheme is that these are both neutral colours, so you can rest assured they’ll never go out of style. They also offer a versatility that few other colour schemes can achieve, given that both black and grey are easily combined with nearly any other colour and design style.

As an example, light grey blends phenomenally with the colour red – place a lamp or other accessory of this bold colour tone on a light grey concrete coffee table or dining table and see the results for yourself. Pair your concrete black and grey walls with accessories like a crystal chandelier, a silver vase, a flowerpot or some aesthetically striking wall art.

Integrated LED lighting has more of a visual impact in settings with black and grey surfaces, so incorporating this style of lighting with concrete wall panels and GFRC (glass fibre-reinforced concrete) furniture is a winning combination for your modern grey and black living room.

Concrete Collective supplies luxurious custom concrete furniture in black and grey

Is your heart set on creating an inviting black and grey space for your home interior? Working from our Melbourne warehouse, the Concrete Collective team designs and manufactures impeccable GFRC concrete furniture for every room of your home, available in charcoal black, mid grey and off-white colour tones. As for the texture, choose from pitted, hand-trowelled, salt and pepper, cream or hand-pressed.

Explore our existing selection of carefully handcrafted concrete furniture, or speak to us about creating a bespoke item specific to your unique preferences. At Concrete Collective, we’re always looking for exciting ways to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with glass fibre-reinforced concrete.

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