Go Grey in the Bathroom

Grey is a fantastic colour choice for your bathroom, regardless of whether your home’s interior design skews more towards classic or contemporary. While many people opt for white, eggshell, beige or “sandy” colour tones for their bathrooms, grey offers a level of neutrality while still accommodating a wide scope of aesthetic to choose from – moody dark greys on one end of the spectrum, and lighter pastel greys on the other.

Many worry that their bathroom will end up looking cold and bland if they go for a grey colour scheme, but with a little creativity, a concrete bathroom can have the complete opposite effect.

Not only is a concrete grey bathroom the minimalist’s best friend, but this texture offers a sense of longevity that few other materials can mimic. To really drive the statement home, consider installing a Meek Intra Basin or Doric Round Basin to complement the concrete grey walls. At Concrete Collective, we also have a stunning selection of GFRC bathtubs, wall-hung vanities and pedestals.

So without further ado, here are some quick tips and ideas for how to pull your light grey bathroom together in the perfect way.

Grey concrete bathroom interior design ideas

  1. Pair concrete finishes with salvaged wood for a more homely feel.
  2. Live near the beach? Concrete bathrooms can easily achieve a beachy coastal vibe when you introduce some navy blues, windswept beiges, and even soft gold tones.
  3. Opt for bright and colourful towels to add a splash of vibrant contrast to your concrete grey bathroom. Think teal, turquoise or mustard yellow. If this isn’t your thing, you can keep it subtle with navy, black or charcoal-coloured bath towels (dark terracotta lands somewhere in-between!).
  4. Concrete walls and marble tiles (side tip: opting for larger tiles helps to make your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious).
  5. Add warmth to your light grey bathroom with wooden shutters on the windows, a wicker basket for toilet paper and/or tactile fabrics like curtains, for example.
  6. The “industrial” look that a concrete wall automatically achieves pairs well with brass fixtures and other chrome metal components.
  7. Layer different shades of grey for a deeper, tonal look.
  8. Have fun with exploring accessories to bring some more personality into your grey concrete bathroom, such as pot plants, candles, hanging art, and maybe even a stylish stool to sit on while you dry your hair. Bring in a free-standing shelving unit if you’re short on storage, and invest in a rain showerhead for a more soothing experience in the shower.

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