How Soundproof Are Concrete Walls?

We all love the smooth, crisp, industrial aesthetic of concrete materials in construction and interior design. Not only is concrete visually pleasing and very versatile from a design point of view, but it’s an incredibly sturdy and durable material to work with.

However, there’s another factor that immediately springs to mind when considering what material to use for your walls. Is concrete good for soundproofing?

Concrete walls are becoming increasingly common outside of the home – in the wider community you see them around commercial business strips, along highways and often used as retaining walls. The fact that you see them along highways to create a barrier between traffic and residential areas is a good indicator of their potential for reducing noise pollution.

Is concrete good for soundproofing your home?

The short answer? Yes, it is.

Consider how soundwaves work. They need a vehicle (i.e. air) to transport them through space, otherwise the sound doesn’t travel. When soundwaves travel through the air, one of three things can happen.

  1. They continue uninterrupted until such a distance that the noise can’t be heard
  2. They are reflected off an object, rebounding off the surface and redirecting back in the direction they originated from (like when you hear an echo in a tiled bathroom, for example)
  3. They are absorbed by the object they come into contact with

Whereas soundwaves might pass through other materials much easier and continue to travel, concrete tends to predominantly reflect soundwaves, and also absorb some of the energy too. This makes it the ideal material for creating soundproof walls.

By investing in soundproof walls, you can drastically reduce noise pollution not just from/to the interior of your home, but within the interior of your home from room to room as well.

Concrete Collective uses glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GFRC) in our constructions

At Concrete Collective, we specialise in custom GFRC artisan concrete for both residential and commercial applications. Our highly experienced team mixes a special blend of concrete and sand to fashion a vast array of cutting-edge furniture designs and standalone constructions.

In addition to its soundproofing qualities, GFRC carries a very high strength-to-weight ratio and it’s highly resistant to cracks and shatters, with internal reinforcement and no opportunity for water to find its way in through the surface.

Explore our range of concrete wall panels, or enquire about our bespoke solutions today.

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