How to Care for Concrete Furniture: Your Go-To guide

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: How does concrete wear? And the short answer is: Really well – if cared for correctly.

Just like marble and granite, concrete is an organic substance that is porous in nature, leaving it susceptible to staining and marking. While all Concrete Collective products are sealed with an industry leading penetrative sealer to protect against general wear and tear, we always advise extra precaution to prolong the integrity of the concrete.

We’ve put together some tips on how to properly clean and care for your concrete furniture, to maintain its longevity and ensure it will be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Act quickly to clean spills

While sealer works to fill pores and protect against spills & stains, we strongly recommend acting swiftly (within a few hours) to clean up any spills that may harm the concrete. By cleaning spills as they occur, you’ll mitigate potential discolouration or stains.


  • Use gentle cleaning products

Light solvents (warm water & soap) and a clean cloth are all that is required for the general upkeep of concrete furniture. Should this not be enough to remove a stubborn spill or mark, we recommend the use of natural cleaning products like Koh or Pleasant State.

Where possible, resist reaching for cleaning products with chemicals, especially those that include harsh abrasives like bleach, alcohol and acetone, as these products can wear down the sealer, leaving the product susceptible to marking.

  • Heat Protection

We strongly advise against placing hot plates, pots & pans directly on a cement surface as it can potentially discolour the sealer. As a rule of thumb, if the object is too hot to touch, it should be placed on a table trivet or heat protective mat.


  • Reseal where necessary

If cared for correctly, concrete is extremely durable and should not crack or chip. However, as with all other stones, corners are vulnerable to hard impacts with blunt objects, and so too are fine hairline cracks, so we advise general care to avoid damage occurring.

If in the unlikely circumstance hairline cracks or abrasions appear in your concrete table or product, get in touch with us – or your furniture supplier – to reseal. This will minimise the defect and prevent further damage from occurring.

For any other questions on caring for your concrete, please email info@concretecollective.com.au.

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