If you can dream it, we can create it.
Concrete isn’t what it used to be. Now we can cast it thinner, lighter and in an infinite range of colours. Whether you want something purely functional, or an artful centrepiece, we’ll partner with you to create a practical, durable and beautiful design.

All of our pieces are carefully crafted by hand, bringing the richness and stylistic touches of human hands to modern materials. We’ll work with you to produce designer concrete no one thought possible.



We are specialists in custom Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) for residential and commercial applications. Through the use of glass and PVA fibre throughout our concrete mix, we mitigate the requirement for conventional steel reinforcement, resulting in a lighter, thinner and stronger final product. The active matrix of fibres creates a flexible and stable final product, far more resistant to cracking than conventional concrete products.

Thickness & weight

A 20-25mm structural layer, depending on its application, is used in all products to maintain its superior strength. Aprons or foam inserts are then used to reach the desired thickness. Our concrete generally weighs approximately 40-50kgs per square metre.

The nature of concrete

Concrete is not a homogeneous, uniform material & just like natural wood or stone, the finished concrete’s appearance will always have aesthetic variations of shade, colour and pattern.

Colour Range

Our concrete can be cast in an infinite range of colours to suit your application. From the subtle & sophisticated through to the vibrant & bold, we can work with you to produce exactly what you are after.

Below is our standard colour selection, ranging from white through to black.




Cast face up with a trowelled finish to achieve higher amounts of variation. Heavily polished to create a high sheen level.


Off-form air pocket finish giving a very natural look and feel


Off-form with a light polish to achieve subtle variation

Salt & Pepper

Off-form with a light grind to expose sand particles.


Off-form veiny finish, filled or left open depending on preference.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cleaning with the use of light solvents (warm water & soap) and a clean cloth is all that is required for general upkeep of our concrete products. Should this not be enough to remove a stubborn spill or mark, the use of light chemicals (Ajax, Windex) is acceptable, but must be used sparingly. Harsh abrasives or cleaning chemicals could wear down the sealer and should be avoided where possible.

Spills and staining

Just like granite & marble, concrete is a porous substance and is susceptible to marking and staining. Our sealer works to fill these pores and will protect against spills & stains, but we recommend acting swiftly (within a few hours) to clean up any spills that may harm the concrete. This can be done using one of the methods listed in the ‘cleaning’ section.
If you are concerned about a stain or mark that cannot be removed with the mentioned processes, please give us a call to discuss your options. Sealer can be reapplied on site should that course of action need to take place.

Cracking, chipping, and scratching

Our Concrete is very durable and common household use should not cause cracks or chips. As with all other stones, Corners are vulnerable to hard impacts with blunt objects so we advise general care to avoid this occurring. Concrete, like all stone products, is susceptible to hairline cracking around thin sections near sink voids and cooktop cutouts. Due to the reinforcing used these cracks, if they occur, are not structural. If you are concerned with any cracks that may appear in your product, please do not hesitate to call. Although a very hardy product, the final sealed concrete product is still susceptible to scratching & abrasions and should be cared for as you would any other household product. We advise that chopping and dragging sharp objects across our concrete products be avoided. Should the sealer be damaged throughout its lifetime, it can be treated & reapplied on site.

Cooking and food preparation

Our sealed concrete product is acceptable for food preparation, is heat resistant & prevents unwanted particles & bacteria from entering the pores of the concrete .
With this being said, we strongly advise against using the product as a chopping board & placing hot plates, pots & pans directly on the concrete surface. This will help increase the longevity of your piece. As a rule of thumb, if the object is too hot to touch, it should be placed on a table trivet.

The Nature of Concrete

Concrete is not a homogeneous, uniform material & just like natural wood or stone, the finished concrete’s appearance will always have aesthetic variations of shade, colour, and pattern and overall size. If you are concerned with any particular variations in your piece, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


All Concrete Collective products come with a two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty valid for any manufacturing defects.


Concrete Collective Warranty


Over time and with constant use, your concrete product will begin to show signs of general wear and tear. Should you wish to have your concrete resurfaced at any stage, please contact our office and we will gladly provide you a maintenance quote.

Further Information

For further information, you can download our Architectural Guide and Care & Information Guide from the links below:


Concrete Collective Architectural Information Brochure


Concrete Collective Care Guide

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