Why choose concrete?

If your after something that’s custom made, concrete may definitely be for you. Think Caesar stone and granite is too similar in looks and is in a lot of houses. You want something that feels, looks and has its own character. Want to set yourself away from the mainstream. Something that is made by hand.

Isn’t concrete really heavy?

Yes, traditional concrete is extremely heavy, but our Glass Fibre Reinforced alternative results in a much lighter & more practical product. This method enables us to achieve a weight of approximately 45kg per square metre & allows us to prefabricate offsite, minimising the hassle & mess created when casting on site.

What colour can we have?

Our colour range is infinite with unlimited potential. If you have a colour in mind, bring in a sample and we will do our best to match whatever you are after.

Can concrete benchtops stain?

Like all stone products, concrete is extremely porous. We at Concrete Collective Melbourne use the best sealers available to give you excellent stain resistance, although we do recommend you adopt a ‘clean as you go policy’ when it comes to caring for your product.